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Expansions and additional content for the game

2022 Stellaris: Overlord Praplėtimas
2021 Stellaris: Nemesis Praplėtimas
2020 Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack Content paketas
2020 Stellaris: Federations Praplėtimas
2019 Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack Content paketas
2019 Stellaris: Ancient Relics Praplėtimas
2018 Stellaris: MegaCorp Praplėtimas
2018 Stellaris: Distant Stars Content paketas
2018 Stellaris: Apocalypse Praplėtimas
2017 Stellaris: Humanoids Species Pack Content paketas
2017 Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Content paketas
2017 Stellaris: Utopia Praplėtimas
2016 Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack Content paketas
2016 Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack Content paketas

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